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MOVING ACCOUNTS! NOTE ME ( Last update .. )

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 4, 2018, 3:10 AM

hoi I'm moving accounts, please note me and I'll let you know my new one
i'm moving for various reasons, mostly for personal reasons
I'm going to miss this username + my 602 watcher count + old terrible art + good memories but whatever :'^( 
I'm deactivating in a month or so. All art here will be moved to stash which I will provide on my new acc
Bases + whatever will be moved to there as well
k bye 

o and if i commissioned u and you haven't finished it, note me pls
and if u don't see this, then uh i'll just hab 2 wait lol 

and don't give it out if someone asks 4 it, they could just come to me for it

Fuck off Janet, I'm not going to your fucking baby shower